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Volume of work and Productivity

There are two main approaches used to estimate project work: duration-based and volume-based. Often schedules are developed with a duration-based approach, mostly due to planning tools limitations. An alternative, much more powerful approach is based on the volume...


Project Teams Assignment

One of the fundamental problems in project delivery is that scheduling tools are not able to simulate real-life work scenarios correctly.Resource AssignmentsIn project schedules there are often some activities that require assignment of more than one  resource. In...


Multi-Resource (Crew) Assignment

Resource Assignments by Multi-Resource (Crew)In some situations, a set of activities is performed by a stable group when multiple resources work together. We could assign each resource from this group to each activity individually. However, it is much easier to...


Project Controls Expo Virtual 2021

We are delighted to announce that our Senior Consultant, Alex Lyaschenko, will be a speaker at the Project Controls Expo Virtual 2021 with the following topics: Invisible interdependencies (Hard, Soft and Virtual) Spider Project - Project Portfolio Navigation...


Resource Skills Assignments

Resource Assignments by Skills (Pools)In real-life scenarios, it is quite common that we don't know which resources exactly would be available when the activity is ready for execution. It might depend on work priorities, resources availability, their productivity...


What People Are Saying

“It’s been an absolute delight to work with Julia and Alex as the experience and expertise in Planning and Scheduling field they bring are second to none.
They have:
– Developed and implemented effective election program planning & control frameworks and tools that support project managers to achieve successful project delivery.
– Facilitated numerous scoping, risk, inter-dependencies, resource contention, and post implementation sessions, with various stakeholders across the whole organisation.
– Established and managed schedule maturity assessment framework and schedule quality controls.
– Provided guidance and support to project/program managers, and elevated organisation-wide understanding and capability of portfolio, program and project planning”

Arthur Gale, Sydney

“Diligent, capable, pragmatic and personable!

These guys are great Planning Professional/Program Delivery experts. They have a unique, creative approach to identifying the best planning and delivery approach for the Complex and High Profile Programs with numerous inter-dependencies across multiple scopes of work. Strong knowledge and experience in Waterfall and Agile Integration!”

John Walter, Melbourne

“Salute Enterprises have great facilitators who create an inclusive environment with all levels of stakeholders. Their unique Waterfall and Agile Integration online training course is fantastic! A balanced blend of skills in people management, methodology and technical know-how! I’ve learnt so many more useful hints  that I will apply in my Project Management carrier!”

Julie Davis, Brisbane

“Waterfall and Agile Integration topic is very popular these days.

Waterfall or Agile? My Project Hybridization Journey has been quite challenging to date.

We tried Agile, and it didn’t work – What’s next? – I had all these questions and finally, this course has provided me with the answers and practical techniques I can apply as a Program Manager to achieve successful delivery. Thank you Salute Enterprises!”

Irene Voron, Sydney