Many planners mix up ‘Best scheduling practice’ with ‘best workarounds’ in a particular scheduling tool.

When they heavily apply one of scheduling tool, they start to believe that the workarounds are the best practice, refuse to learning alternatives and even debate that other tools must support such workarounds even if they are not required. The same applied to project risk managers.

How to avoid the ‘Overconfidence Bias’ trap?

  • Learn theories behind planning and risk management.
  • Always be curious about what a tool can’t do, whether workarounds are possible, and if they are, think about the downsides.
  • Look for chances to learn about other tools.

Remember, a not-so-great specialist just knows what a tool can do. A good one understands the problems and workarounds. An excellent specialist also knows the bad side of workarounds and can suggest other tools when needed.

Alex Lyaschenko

PMO | Portfolio Planning & Delivery | PMP | P3O Practitioner | AgilePM Practitioner | Six Sigma