Resource Assignments by Multi-Resource (Crew)

In some situations, a set of activities is performed by a stable group when multiple resources work together. We could assign each resource from this group to each activity individually.

However, it is much easier to assign these resources as a whole group at once. This could be done via multi-resource assignment.

Multi-Resource is a settled group of resources that work together (e.g. a team, a crew, a car and a driver, etc.).

This approach has several advantages:

  • Faster schedule development;
  • Reduction of errors in resource assignment;
  • Schedule updates are significantly simplified.

At any moment when there is a change to participants in a multi-resource, we could apply this change in the multi-resource. Then this change will be applied to all remaining multi-resource assignments at once.

See how Multi-Resource Assignments work in Spider Project:

Julia Lyaschenko

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