There are numerous myths surrounding Project Portfolio Management that have a negative impact on project delivery. Some of these myths are relatively new, while others have been around for so long that it’s hard to understand their origins. However, we now have a unique opportunity to see how new myths are born!

The spread of new Project Management AI myths is happening rapidly. Some consulting companies and developers of Project Management tools are aware that AI is a popular marketing buzzword, and they use it to sell old products with a new “AI” label. Others have a strong bias towards innovation and overestimate the capabilities of tools like ChartGPT in the context of Project Management. Video blogs and project podcasts contribute to the rapid spread of these myths like never before.

Pro-innovation bias:

New innovations should be adopted by all members of society (regardless of the wider needs) and are pushed out and accepted regardless. Novelty and ‘newness’ are seen as inherently good, regardless of potential negative impacts (inequality, elitism, environmental damage etc), resulting in new ideas and concepts generated being judged through somewhat rose-tinted spectacles.

‘16 cognitive biases that can kill your decision making’ (

This will have a significant negative impact on project delivery. The initial excitement around AI will eventually turn into frustration. Moreover, underperforming project stakeholders will now have a convenient scapegoat for their failures: AI.

Gartner’s Hype curve

New and effective AI-based Project Management methods and tools will emerge when someone approaches project management with a real scientific mindset. This will lead to improved project delivery. However, this transformation will take time.

At present, we have a rare opportunity to witness a new chapter unfolding in the “Project Management Mythology” book.

Alex Lyaschenko

PMO | Portfolio Planning & Delivery | PMP | P3O Practitioner | AgilePM Practitioner | Six Sigma