Which of key project knowledge areas is missing in the project maturity framework?

P3M3 organisational assessment has 7 knowledge areas:
* Organisational Governance
* Management Control
* Benefits Management
* Risk Management
* Stakeholder Management
* Finance Management
* Resource Management

You’ve probably already realised that I refer to Time Management.

This gap could be filled in with Schedule Maturity Assessment. In the initiation stage, the Schedule Maturity Assessment could be used for Schedule Maturity Planning to understand a target level.

Schedule Maturity Planning could be run via a set of questions for 15-20 areas of schedule management with 5 levels for each area.
Next rules need to be followed:
a) Closed type (Y/N)
– Project stakeholders should be able to answer “YES/NO” to each question;
b) Simple
– Clear definitions;
c) Relevant
– Exclude none relevant questions;
– Exclude questions with obvious answers;
d) Targeted
– Developed based on target levels defined by PMO for each project type.
While it might seem to be a lot of questions, if these rules are followed, it only takes 30 min’s for project stakeholders to provide their view as a prep for Schedule Maturity Workshop.

Alex Lyaschenko

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