Reliable Project and Portfolio Scheduling

Advanced Features of Spider Project Professional

Advanced Activity Modelling

In Spider Project activities may be of Duration, Productivity, Hammock, Milestone, and Switch types.

Duration type is traditional – activity duration does not depend on assigned resources.

For activities of Productivity type it is necessary to define activity Volumes – the quantities of work that shall be done on activities in physical units (e.g. cubic meters, tons, etc.). Activity duration is calculated basing on total productivity of assigned resources.

Hammock activities last from one event to another (e.g. from the start of one activity to the finish of another or same activity). In Spider Project it is possible to assign costs, resources and materials on Hammock activities and link them with other activities by all types of dependencies with Leads/Lags.

It is also possible to assign costs and resources on Milestone activities.

Switch activities define which of outgoing dependencies shall be selected in the project/portfolio schedule.

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