Material Gantt View

Material Gantt View

Materials in Project Management

Project resources are divided into renewable (labour, machines) and consumable (materials).

Consumable materials in project management may include fuel, sand, bricks, paint, traffic signs, etc. consumable renewable resources that are necessary for completing project activities for successful delivery.

Materials Integration into Project Plan

It is important that material management is integrated into the project plan.

In Spider Project it is possible to define that renewable resource consumes materials whenever it works (a car consumes gas in a certain amount per mile or per hour) and cost of materials is included in resource cost.

Resources can consume materials in the process of their work (defined as quantities per hour).

Materials can be also assigned to activities or resource assignments directly.
In these cases, material consumption may be set as fixed, per hour, or per work volume unit.

Material consumption per volume unit for typical activities are usually defined as the corporate norms.

It is critical to understand when materials are needed for the activities on the critical path as a delay in the material supply may result in the whole project delay.

Spider Project assists in achieving effective resource planning including materials demand and supply.

Materials assignments could be shown in Activity Gannt Chart View just with one click!

Material Gantt View
In addition to Activity Gantt View and Resource Gantt View, Material Gantt View is a special feature of Spider Project. This feature enables full visibility of materials utilisation on the timeline and is fully driven by the integrated project plan.

See how Materials management work in Spider Project:

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