Predaptive delivery

Predaptive delivery

Agile vs Waterfall debates are continued with an interesting outcome. Some project management gurus believe that such debates don’t make sense as there is no such a thing as Agile and Waterfall projects, as all projects are Hybrid. However, if all projects are Hybrid, there is no such thing as Hybrid projects either.

I share their opinion, but in my posts, it is not easy to avoid using Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid terms, especially when we discuss project myths.

I think the root cause of the challenge is in applied project management language. There are formal and informal project delivery terms:

Adaptive approaches use iterative and incremental approaches. Predictive and Adaptive are equivalent to Waterfall and Agile, but no word describes Hybrid.

I thought about what this word could be and came to the idea of combining already existing terms. Playing with different combinations and creating many interesting words, I found one word that is easy to understand and pronounce:

Predaptiveproject delivery regardless of applied delivery approach.

Alex Lyaschenko

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