Online Masterclasses

If you’re looking to learn more about planning and delivery best practices, our Virtual Masterclasses will enhance your skills and knowledge required to manage and deliver successful projects.

Our Virtual Masterclasses offer an interactive experience and delivered by recognised consultants via online format and can be customised for face to face in-house training too!

Waterfall and Agile Integration

This masterclass will introduce you to the best practice of Agile and Waterfall projects integration. It is designed to provide you with some practical “How to” methods and delivery solutions to plan and deliver projects, program and Portfolio effectively.

    Interdependency Management

    This masterclass will introduce you to the best practice interdependency management framework. It provides practical “How to” methods and working examples that will help you to manage interdependencies effectively at both, program and portfolio, levels.

      Spider Project

      Spider Project is a powerful and functional scheduling tool that offers numerous unique functional features and is the only project management software that enables effective Waterfall and Agile integration. The tool enables resource, cost and material constrained schedules and budgets optimisation for projects and portfolios.

      This masterclass is a great introduction to the best success driven planning and delivery practices in the world!

      Project Diagnostics

      Project performance assessment and “fit for purpose” tailored processes for assurance are helpful tools that allow delivery progress measurement, trend analysis and pre-emptive risks and issues identification.

      This masterclass will help you to be on the front foot with reality check and having a solid understanding of how the project are progressing.

        Schedule Best Practice and Optimisation

        Having a sound schedule enables clearer visibility of the consequences of project activities changes and enables project delivery optimisation via what-if scenarios.
        This masterclass will help you to get a good understanding of what the reliable schedule is and how it is used for effective delivery optimisation.

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