Interdependency Management Framework


Two week virtual Masterclass


Programmes and projects alignment is a critical factor to maximise portfolio performance for successful investment strategies execution. Success Driven Planning and Delivery (SDPD) Interdependency Management Framework (IMF) provides ways to improve portfolio execution capabilities and propel programs through successful transformational change towards benefits realisation and organisational performance.

Is this virtual Masterclass for me?

Programs and Portfolios with a complex network of Interdependencies require answers to some challenging questions:  

  • How to get visibility of all these numerous touchpoints between multiple streams of work?
  • How to get in control and understand the impacts when interdependencies dates move?
  • What is the best way to represent all of these interdependencies complexity, how to measure? 

If you’d like to become a specialist who knows the answers to these questions and understand how to manage and integrate Dependencies, then this class is for you!

Virtual Masterclass 


The key topics covered during this Masterclass:

• Interdependencies key definitions
• Processes, methods and practical tools
• Schedule integration
• Reporting


1.1 Interdependency in Project Delivery Frameworks
1.2 SDPD – Success Driven Planning and Delivery


2.1 External vs Internal
2.2 Interdependency/Program/Vendor/Organisational
2.3 Providers/Receivers
2.4 Type: Hard/Soft/Virtual
2.5 Dependency Categories
2.6 Dependency Life Cycle


3.1 M2M
3.2 P2P
3.3 PP2PP
3.4 M2P2P2M


4.1 Identification
4.2 Active Management
4.3 Reporting

Roles and Responsibilities:

5.1 Interdependency Manager
5.2 Dependency Owner
5.3 Project Manager
5.4 PMO
5.5 Schedulers

Interdependency Register:

6.1 Structure
6.2 Attributes

Schedule Integration:

7.1 Integrated Master Schedule
7.2 Program Delivery Schedule
7.3 Portfolio Integrated Schedule
7.4 Structure
7.5 Hidden issues
7.6 Challenges and Tips

Scheduling Tools:

8.1 Microsoft Project/Project Online
8.2 Primavera
8.3 Clarity
8.4 Spider Project
8.5 Excel

Risk Integration:

9.1 Risks and Opportunities
9.2 Risk Register integration


10.1 Positive and Negative Risks
10.2 Governance Control Reports
10.3 Quality Control Reports
10.4 Risk Analysis Reports
10.5 Timeline Report
10.6 Dependency Matrix
10.7 Network Dependency Diagram Reports
10.8 Cluster Dependency Report
10.9 Interdependency Dashboard

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