Waterfall and Agile Integration


Two week virtual Masterclass


Agile and Waterfall are the two most popular project management methodologies. They are widely used to deliver business, technology and infrastructure projects. Effective integration of projects with different delivery methods is a significant challenge for many portfolios and organisations. However, implemented properly, it becomes a great opportunity to maximise portfolio performance and deliver the best values for the business.

Is this virtual Masterclass for me?

Programs and Portfolios with Agile and Waterfall streams of work require answers to some challenging questions:  

  • How to integrate business, IT and infrastructure streams?
  • When is a program, with Agile streams, going to deliver committed outputs?
  • What is a confidence level to deliver on time?
  • If given more money/resources can project deliver outputs faster?
  • How much more budget needed and when?
  • How to align Agile and Waterfall controls and assurance processes?
  • How to align Agile and Waterfall performance measures?
  • How to develop an effective schedule for Agile?

If you’d like to become a specialist who knows the answers to these questions and understand how to integrate Agile and Waterfall projects, then this class is for you!

Virtual Masterclass


The key topics covered during this Masterclass:

• Agile and Waterfall methods and techniques
• Project dependency management
• Roadmaps
• Agile and Waterfall tools
• Assurance process

Agile vs Waterfall differences:

1.1 Key challenges
1.2 Agile vs Waterfall differences
1.3 History of methodologies
1.4 Types of Waterfall
1.5 Types of Agile
1.6 Agile technics vs methodology
1.7 Why both Agile and Waterfall are required
1.8 Hybrid
1.9 Other delivery methods


2.1 IT vs business vs infrastructure
2.2 Program structure (release vs sprint vs phase)
2.3 Scheduling tools (Agile & Waterfall)
2.4 Dependencies
2.5 Roadmap (criteria, tools, solutions)
2.6 Schedule best practice (milestone categories, multiple WBS, schedule dashboard, schedule maturity assessment, critical path (book vs real), timesheeting, EVM)

Program Optimisation:

3.1 Resource contentions (critical chain, resources demand, number of teams, external SMEs, skills, productivity)
3.2 Scope changes
3.3 Success-driven delivery
3.4 Financial year budget allocation
3.5 Risks (3-point estimation in Agile & Waterfall, logic fast-tracking)


4.1 Standards (common definitions, RACI, PMP)
4.2 Performance metrics  (Agile & Waterfall, trend analysis, earned value)
4.3 Quality metrics
4.4 Performance tools

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